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Auto Insurance


Whether you choose to drive a large pick-up truck or a small sized sedan, Ontario requires a certain level of mandatory coverages you will need in order to operate your vehicle. Depending on your needs, additional coverages are also available to ensure you have the protection you and your family needs.

Mandatory Coverages

Third-Party Liability Coverage

Protects you if someone else is killed or injured, or their property happens to be damaged. Will pay for claims as a result of lawsuits against you up to a limit of your coverage.

Statutory Accident Benefits Coverage

Provides you with benefits in case you are injured as a result of an automobile accident, regardless of who caused the accident. Coverage includes supplementary medical, rehabilitation, attendant care, caregiver, non-earner and income replacement benefits.

Direct Compensation – Property Damage (DCPD)

Covers the damage to your vehicle to the extent that another party was at fault for the accident. Even though someone else causes the damage, you can collect directly from your own insurer, instead of the person who caused the damage. Certain conditions will apply, contact us for more information.

Uninsured Automobile

Protect you and your family in the event that someone is injured or killed by an uninsured motorist of a hit-and-run driver. Also protects you vehicle in the event it is damaged by an uninsured driver.

Optional Coverages

Collision Coverage

Covers losses (minus the deductible amount) when an insured is involved in an accident with another vehicle or object in which they are deemed to be at fault.


Covers damage to the car that aren’t related to collision. Examples include theft, vandalism, hail, fire, lightning and impact with an animal.

Specified Perils

Cover only specific causes such as fire, theft and lightning.

Family Protection Coverage (OPCF 44)

Protect you, or a member of your family, to the same limits as your third party liability coverage, in accidents in which you are not at fault and the third party does not carry adequate insurance coverage.

Loss of Use (OPCF 20)

Covers the cost of a rental vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired or replaced.

Liability for Damage to Non-Owned Automobiles (OPCF 27)

Provides physical damage coverage to vehicles you drive but do not own. Examples include vehicles you borrow or rent.


We’ve been insuring your life style since 1976.

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